ain't no rest for the wicked.


#Burn #house #horror #saintpetesburg #place #scream

#Burn #house #horror #saintpetesburg #place #scream


AU: Moriarty realizes Moran’s gotten too attached to her little toy and he threatens to take it away from her. 

"I’m not Sherlock Holmes, Jim. I won’t be part of your little game. You lay one finger on John again, and I will end you myself."


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  She was a young filly, spirited and splendid. Dany knew just enough about horses to know that this was no ordinary animal. There was something about her that took the breath away. She was grey as the winter sea, with a mane like silver smoke.

Hesitantly she reached out and stroked the horse’s neck, ran her fingers through the silver of her mane. Khal Drogo said something in Dothraki and Magister Illyrio translated. “Silver for the silver of your hair, the khal says.”


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